PF04 Lerosa - Woman Flew Home EP

by Lerosa



Photic Fields´ next release comes from another (Italy born) Irishman, Lerosa, who's known for an impressive series of releases over the years. Where many producers seems to do, Lerosa doesn’t follow any blueprint for his productions, he's always exploring the edges of house, techno and electro to create something new. This release is no exception to that. With this record he also explores the emotive side of things, in a rough edged and analogue way. The EP is related to an artwork made by his girlfriend named ‘Woman Flew Home’, in such a way, that he named the record after it: a deeply personal and meaningful project. The record starts off with ‘some things endure’, an introspective piece with a deep and dark synth pad. ‘Nebula raider’ breaks open the record with its euphoric feel and acid hints. On the b-side you’ll find two joyful cuts: the uplifting 'dream of flight', and the closing track of the record, 'postmodern', with its playful keys and emotive synth tones.


released August 20, 2014

Mastered by Emanuel Geller. Artwork by Studio Another Day.



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